HIST 1300 Lecture Notes - Lecture 11: Petro-Canada, Central Canada, Potash

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10 Aug 2016
March 25th
-third longest serving PM in Canada (15yrs)
-committed to equality and individual rights
-born in 1919 to Scottish mother French father.
-Trudeau is involved in publication of Cite Libre
-federalist nationalist. Believes French Canadians have a place in Canada.
-sought out in 1968 to become liberal leader.
-runs under campaign slogan, “Just Society”
Individual vs collective rights
-doesn’t believe that the government can safeguard your rights
-wants to implement a set of entrenched rights
-doesn’t like collective identities because it opposes individual rights.
-1968 he pilots the divorce act. This act allows for divorce without foul play.
-1969 the amendment of criminal code to decriminalize homosexual acts. Als permits abortion in
extreme circumstances.
-Hawthorne Report in 1966 says that conditions are terrible for aboriginal, DIA is tyrannical and services
are in bad condition.
-in 1969 government introduces the white paper. First nations have special status; this paper eliminates
their special status. They get rid of the Indian act. Get rid of treaties. Provinces now run their social
services just like any regular citizen.
-encourage more teachings about first nations in schools.
-this paper evokes the biggest reactions from aboriginals. They completely reject this paper. It is seen as
an assimilation agenda. Aboriginals want more of self-government because they know what their self-
interest are.
-these reactions surprise Trudeau. He wants everyone to be treated the same under the law.
-1973 SC decision on Nisga’a land claims. They lose the case. But most of the judges agree that their
arguments have merit.
-This forces Trudeau to revisit collective rights and think again about land claims for aboriginals.
-believes that French Canadians should have rights nationwide. Rejects idea of Quebec as French
homeland. French should be welcomed everywhere.
-1969 official languages act.
-1970 October crisis. Trudeau enacts the War measures act which suspends rights temporarily.
-1960 bill of rights was not sufficient because it was not entrenched.
-repatriates the BNA act and makes it into Canadian legislation.
-1982 Constitution Act.
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find more resources at oneclass.com
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