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HIST 1707
S Lipsett- Rivera

HIST Class 7Exploration and ConquestsPrecedentsColumbus not first leader of an expedition to go into the Atlantic OceanRomans Vikings ended up in Newfoundland had small colonies but ended up leaving they were killed by indigenous people Africansnone of these people came back though In 1291 two Genoese brothers called the Vivaldi brothers lead an expedition to cross the Atlantic to reach India They used galleys believed that they got off the coast of Africa but nobody heard of them again Why did Europeans get there first before Muslims and AsiansEuropeans had the transfer of knowledgetechnology from Asia because of Muslim Iberia compass and astrolabe Deadreckoning way of calculating where you are with compass astrolabe speed and astronomical chartsBoth of these were vital to navigation and transmitted to Europeans from Muslim IberiaPortolan charts maps basically Good for accurate depiction of the coastlines Ship design the cog was generally used before the era of great exploration Small boat that could carry large cargoes and heavy seas Only good when you were going to places you knew with deep waters not good for exploration Square sails Portuguese developed caravels using lateen sails Caravel evolved in the nao or carrack had the lateen sail larger sturdier much more space for cargo Could be used for an Atlantic voyage It also had cannons Initial explorations all happened in the Iberian Peninsula ReconquestVisigothic kingdoms in northern Spain that werent conquered by Muslims mostly ChristianWanted to reclaim the lands from the Muslim Caliphates 700 year long war not just one battle thoughMultiple kingdoms within Spain
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