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HIST 1707
S Lipsett- Rivera

HIST Class 8European Exploration of AsiaMotivations were Reconquest holy crusade and economic glory god gold Europeans explored Africa at first Portuguese invaded Ceuta in Morocco at first to get rid of the middle man last class notesPortuguese reach the Madeiras islands in 1418 and colonized them had a foothold off the coast of Africa In 1448 Portuguese begin to set of feitorias factories which were trading posts on African coast These exploration trips are backed by Portuguese king and merchants they are extremely profitable When these ships returned to Portugal with the goods they get from below the Sahara they would make profits of 10001458 Portuguese reach Cape Verde 1487 they reach the Cape of Good Hope Lead by Bartolomeu Dias By 1500 Portuguese were beginning to replace some of the Muslim traders along the coast of Africa Established themselves as the trade power Started the beginning of African slave trade Set up a huge one in Ghana in 1482Vasco da Gama voyageVasco da Gama sets off on famous voyage in 1497 Why did he wait so long after Dias discovery of the cape Many historians believe other voyages occurred between Gama and Dias in which the Portuguese were figuring out wind currents Gama hugged Coast Dias used wind currents Takes with him letters of introduction to the kings of Asia as well as a lot of trade merchandise inhopes of trading for spices He takes the route known as the Volta do Brasil In 1500 a Portuguese expedition to go to Asia goes out a little bit farther and lands in BrazilLand it St Helenas Bay and meet people called the Hottentot Portuguese want to trade goods with them but they are hunter gatherers They end up attacking the Portuguese expedition They continue into the Indian Ocean and most of the kingdoms are MuslimThey get to Mozambique and thought they were Turkish At first they let the people there believe they were Muslim Sultan of Mozambique figured out they werent Muslim and sends word of the duplicity of the Portuguese
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