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HIST 1707
S Lipsett- Rivera

HIST Class 6Muslim WorldthIn 14 century Muslims were very dominant One Muslim empire conquering different parts of the world Many historians believed that if the Europeans hadnt discovered the Americas and reoriented the west the Muslim states wouldve continued to be more dominantBefore IslamIslam developed in the Arabian peninsula Saudi Arabia essentiallyVarious kingships in Arabian Peninsula all trying to be powerfulArchaeological evidence reveals dams fortified cities temples castles urban and advanced societies They built into cliffs These societies were based on agriculture and tradeProduced frankincense myrrh extremely valuable As valuable as gold They were aromaticQuite a few trade routes all of them that connected to Arabian PeninsulaQuite a number of religions Judaism Christianity and a number of polytheistic religions often animistic religions find spirituality in nature People of Arabian Peninsula recognized the prophets and major figures of other religions like Abraham Moses and Jesus Not a lot of sources but we have archaeology poetry a lot of poetry from this periodPoetry was extremely valued by the leaders at this time they encouraged it and through this cultural life that one of the princes of this period died in 540 established classical Arabic Birth of IslamIslam begins with Prophet Mohammed in 611CE in Mecca He is called to the faith At first he didnt have too many followers but he slowly began to attract more and more faithful In 622CE he had to flee to Medina and attracted more and more supporters At this time Islam became more than a faith it became a community and was becoming a stateMohammed was a religious leader but also organized military forces and became a state leader Won the battle to control Mecca in 630 Died in 632
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