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HIST 1707
S Lipsett- Rivera

HIST Class 2Africa at 1400North Africa Such diversity in Africa no generalizations possibleOver 2000 languages in AfricaAmazing amount of cultural exchange w other Africans and other civsNorth Africa or Maghreb Dont know how its spelled Morocco Western Sahara Algeria Libya Egypt indigenous people of NA called Berbers who were farmers nomadsIn 1400 Berbers were main group w competitions going on between them and were almost all MuslimDeath of Prophet Muhammad was 639 7years later Islam arrived in Africa636 4000 Arabs came from Mecca to invade Africa in 639 Cairo establishedArabs and Bergers were mostly Muslim in North Africa by 1400Future note Muslims conquered Iberian peninsula in 711 In Spain temporarilyN Africans trading for centuries with people below Saharan desert sub Saharan area SaharaGreat desert in Arabic Sahel grass lands below the desert on mapArabic word means shoreWell established trade system across Sahara desert by 1400 camel made trade ndpossible introduced 2 century CEGold from South Sahara in exchange for salt which was scarce in West Africa high demand slaves shipped north and sold in markets usually females who worked as domestics in homes of Arabia and textiles essential goods in Sahara tradeMediterranean economies short of gold Europeans wanted African gold and exchanged salt and textiles for itTimbuktu very important trading center to exchange goods slaves gold salt
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