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HIST 1707
S Lipsett- Rivera

HIST Class 10Colonial SocietiesConquestHow were the small amounts of Spanish able to conquer sophisticated large empiresNothing to do with superiorityYes there were small amounts of Spaniards but they had indigenous allies Indigenous population wasnt a big family lots of enmities Aztecs had a lot of native enemies When Aztecs sent out for help other city states wouldntDisease Isolation meant no immunities Smallpox introduced to Caribbean and mainland Americas Inca emperor died of smallpox and he left two heirs So it divided the empire into two and when the Spanish arrived there was a civil war going onWeapons were important hard metalpadded cotton as armour but not a main factor Indigenous weapons werent terrible they were still effective Were able to defeat Europeans many times Guns werent enough to tip the battle Natives had the sling and the rocks travelled over 240mph Very sharp obsidian edged wooden bladesNomadic and semisedentary peoples did well against Spanish they just moved away Urbanized peoples were the most likely to be defeated Apaches plains Indians get horses Plains Indians capture and domestic new wild horses and fights on themEscapeAndeans escaped to the Puno wilder partsAroacs go islandhopping in CaribbeanTupiGuarani move from the coast in Brazil ColonialismSpanish built upon hierarchicalstructured indigenous civilizations Used tribute systems to get fundingmoney The first viceroy commissioned a document and found out what each Aztec people were paying in tribute and changed the tribute system Spanish created their own officials and structures Viceroy ruled in the name of king and was embodiment of power
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