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HIST 1707
S Lipsett- Rivera

HIST Class 4Asia at 1400Asia in 1400 was the worlds powerhouse and China had an incredibly organized nationhuge population China was more advanced in sciencetechnology than anywhere else Why didnt China conquer the worldAsia was the first real world economy people willing to go through a lot of trouble to get goods from this region Africans and Europeans trading with Asia Evidence that the Romans were trading extensively with Asia Lots of roman coins found in archeological sites in India Three circuits of tradesArabian sea between Saudi Arabia Africa and India Bay of Bengal between India and southeast Asia South China sea Also trade overland called the silk roadArabian seaThis region was inhabited mostly by Muslims Most shippingtrade controlled by Muslims Regions set by wind patternsBay of BengalDominated by Hindus and Hinduized peoples Also Buddhist section thAnd by the 13 century Islam was having an impact there South China seaSpace of China China dominated this region Space of Buddhism and Confuciusism People wanted to trade with China so much that China made powers that wanted to trade pay tribute All of the trade regions were determined by the monsoons Galleys slave rowers were used only in Mediterranean and for short distances not long distances Monsoons were so strong that if you missed the right moment to leave you could be stuck a place for a yearPorts in these areas were important for trades of goods ideas religion technology etc Cultural exchange Citystates and hinterlands are more conservative because they have less connection with outside influences thEnd of 15 century Islamic scholar named Ibn Majid wrote one of the most important navigation manuals He describes when the ocean is closed when youre stuck He also talked about times when it was suicidal to cross the Indian ocean There were some places he doesnt talk about where people werent sailingIndia
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