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HIST Class 5thEurope in the 14 CenturyWhy is it that the Europeans became dominant Europeans were dominant before this during the Roman Empire At its height they controlled a lot of territory All of the land around the Mediterranean North Africa most of Europe England edge of the Middle East This connected them into Asia Important culturally as well they left a lot of cultural traces political systems patronage language most European languages have a Latin basis and legal system GrecoRoman culture Ancient Greece influenced democracy and philosophical terms came from GreekCulture eventually faded and replaced with Christian kingdoms Church was generally allied with the kingsrulers and the Catholic religion provided a rationale for ruler ship They werent theocracies but the church was very much connected to the state Church lent authorityjustification to the political side of things Church personnel were often the most literate people and education Very often the church provided personnel for govts and influenced a lot of political social structures Wheat barley and millet were all developed in the Fertile Crescent Mesopotamia Because European goods transferred left to right and not up and down all plants could be planted at the same temperature A lot of basis for successful European agriculture is because they get their animalsplants from the Fertile Crescent and it isnt a challenge to transfer them because temp is sameIn the Americas potatoes didnt transfer up and down well because of different temperatures and humidity Cant take a plant from the south and grow it norththEurope had fairly good agriculture in the 14 century Because of this good basis in agriculture they could build successful cities and states They were successful enough ththat they had people that didnt need to farm Though it was devastating in 14 century Europe because of terrible weather bad crops and they lost population because of famines and disease bubonic plague Black DeathBubonic Plague hit Europe around 1347 note dates arent that important for the rdexams Believed that 13 of Europes population died because of the plague Believed that it hit Europe even harder because of famines farming etc thIn the 14 century the successful farming that Europeans had developed was hit hard because of too much rain In the early part of the century it rained way too much Winters were also much colder than normal As a result of cold winters too much rainthe crops failed
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