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Class 9 - Cold War and Proxy Wars - Asia and Africa.docx

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HIST 1707
S Lipsett- Rivera

ExamSection 1 Termsnamed identify 1020 Ones you need to study are the bolded terms in the pages you had to read Highlighted blue w definition Each definition worth 2 points Also can choose names like significant people Toussaint Louverture former slave that lead black people of Haiti freedom from FranceSection 2 Essay out of 30 Last year a question was what were the global consequences of European globalization between 1800 and 1914 The Cold War and Proxy Wars Asia and AfricaDecolonization struggles of people around the world to win freedom from colonial powers Happened at the same time as Cold War Cold War had started before end of WWII both knew that when fascism was vanquished US and Russia would be against each other British France US were hostile to communism from the getgo during the Bolshevek revolution in WWI They only worked with Russia during WWII because they needed to in order to defeat NazismAs soon as war endedStalin swooped in and took Poland and Baltic countries as a part of the Soviet Union Forced to become communistSuperpower alliancesBoth sides were formally organized into alliances in the 1950s1949 NATO North Atlantic Treaty OrganizationUS Canada European allies1955 Warsaw PactAlbania Bulgaria Czechoslovakia East Germany Hungary Poland and RomaniaDecolonization had an impact on unfolding of Cold WarUS and USSR wanted to avoid the horror of nuclear war so they fought each other by proxy They looked for and found allies in the third world and turned those allies into cold warriors on their behalf Many states were harmed by Cold War and some states leveraged and benefitted Many other countries sought a third way Nonalignment in the Cold War
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