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HIST 1707
S Lipsett- Rivera

Before Cold War US essentially controlling Panama marines in Cuba Nicuaraga Dominican Republic etc Took over half of Mexicos national territory People in Latin America suspicious of American involvement bad relationWorld War IIGood Neighbour Policy People had become uneasy about the US Was a policy of nonintervention US said theyd be influential but theyll stop sending in marines Is important leading up to WWII because the US is able to count on many Latin American nations to join the war effort on their side Only one nation failed to join the Alliance against the Axis which was Argentina Cost Argentina after the war because they were not able to benefit to a lot of good trade deals to allied countries Many Latin American countries fought with the USMost Latin American countries work with the Allies Cooperation in terms of providing resources like oil Manufactured goods Big boost to a lot of the economies in Latin America Leads to Latin Americans being in touch with the message the Allies had in WWII the four freedoms freedom of speech freedom of worship freedom from want and freedom from fear Didnt have a lot of this in Latin America so there are a whole series of revolutionsGuatemalaShort lived revolution in Guatemala Ten Years of SpringGuatemala made a big impact in 1940s Movement for revolution comes out of fighting for rights in Europe when they dont have them there In 1945 students from the national university began huge demonstrations A lot of the students were middle class and a lot had to work at the same time Had alliances with professions like lawyers etc and factories Students started to demonstrate President eventually forced to leave and there are elections Second president ends up doing a land reform and comes up against a powerful company called the United Fruit Company UFCo Most powerful forces in central America owned millions of acres of land in Honduras Costa Rica Guatemala etc So powerful they could depose presidents if they disliked them Controlled telegraph railways steamship lineUFCo had strong pull in the US Could lobby JohnFoster Dulles and Alles Dulles secretary of state and head of CIA
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