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S Lipsett- Rivera

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Movement of ideas connections between people speeding up Political advances in one place have a big effect in the other European events were highly influential in this periodthLatin America in the 18 CenturythBy 18 century a lot of indigenous populations were coming back from being devastated by diseases Population boom in Latin AmericaGrowth in population results in overcrowded cities with people out of work Lots of population pressure in citycountryside This leads to numerous rebellions particularly in Mexico and Peru but also other areasPeople felt like they couldnt surviveLots of rebellions about landresources which reflect unhappinessWhole series of reforms in Spanish America and Brazil Political reforms that came from the progressive Spanish Tried to reform economy make a more effective military tried to reign in the power of the church and made the political system more effectiveArgentina did huge commerce and did usually whatever they wanted A lot ofit with contraband and once they were reined in by the reforms this was limited Reforms like making people not throw food at the actors at theatres Street lights introduced Made society more orderly but all Latin Americans didnt like it and felt like everybody was watching themstate getting too involved Brought in street namesnumbers public latrines etcEnlightenment thinking lead people to challenge current government Ideas discussed in newspapers as well as social gatherings designed for discussion Tertulia were like salons for uppermiddleclass women in Latin America Coffee houses were also beginning to be popular Some of the ideas are forbidden by the stateSpanish state censored ideas via the Inquisition Founded to hunt down hidden Jews but dealt with people who did things against religion blasphemy bigamy heresy being protestant Also censored books There were contraband books British were purposely giving Latin Americans books thinking it would cause them to rebelSpanish also censored news of revolutions in particular the American Revolution Challenges to Colonial RuleTupac Amaru II lead a huge rebellion against the Spanish state in Peru and Bolivia Descendent of one of the last Inca Emperors Starts off with a gripe against the reforms and bureaucratic inefficiencies of the administration Took a Spanish official prisoner
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