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HIST 1707
S Lipsett- Rivera

World War II19371945Great Depression wreaked social and economic havoc all over the world Led some countries to turn to totalitarianism Italy fascists Germany Nazi Japan militarist ultranationalists Soviet Union Stalinist People supported and were happy about totalitarianism Promoted unity and no questions were asked JapanWorld War II started in Asia with Japan Depression hit Japan like a tidal wave peasants were starving and literally eating bark off trees Ultranationalists blamed democracy for being inefficient Were violently antiWestern and rejected democracy variations of socialism and Marxism Foreign expansion was the solution to Japans problems Japan had colonies in Korea and Taiwan already Already working to forge these two colonies into a larger Japan and wanted to create a selfsufficient economic bloc Ultranationalists wanted more though Militarists said conquering other parts of Asia would be good for peasants to get property business people etc Japan started in 1931 by invading Manchuria a part of China Japanese blew up some Japanese owned railroad tracks and blamed it on the Chinese using it as a pretense to invade Manchuria China protested to League of Nations and the LoN condemned Japan but did nothing more Japan resigned after being condemned and continued with the occupation Leaders of democratic movement were assassinated in Japan Nationalists wanted to liberate Asia Japan used another minor incident in 1937 as a pretext for a general attack on China starting in BeijingThis is the beginning of World War II Hitler watched this happen and decided Japan was likely to win so he established an alliance with Japan in 1938 Japanese air bombed many Chinese cities and killed many civilians Capital Nanjing fell to the Japanese in 1937 Known as the Rape of Nanjing Japanese brutally murdered about 300 000 civilians and raped between 20 000 and 80 000 women Used bodies of Chinese for target practice used Chinese for practice with bayonets Japan didnt defeatChina though
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