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HIST 1707
S Lipsett- Rivera

th19 century is dubbed the Age of ImperialismIndustrial revolution emergence of the nation state and nationalismImperialism is the competition for territories overseasDomination that European powers Japan and US began to exercise over the rest of the thworld especially part 2 of the 19 century Imperial powers never had total control over the people they conqueredcontested resisted challenged Natural resources cheap labour competition and strategic locations were reasons for imperialism Intensified in 1870s huge depression in Europe Time of super low profits for the capitalists Told European leaders that they had to secure faraway markets when things werent being bought in EuropeSparks imperialist frenzy in Africa and Asia Intensified by scientific racism US interferes with Latin America Japan with Korea etc Carving up of world was done with help of elites in the country being invaded Local elites did it out of selfinterest Everyone benefits on the back of the ordinary people like farmers Japan is the major player in Asiafirst nonwestern state to industrialize Is an imperial power Takes over KoreaTaiwan British take control of India parts of central Asia Afghanistan French play a major role in Southeast AsiaColonies pulled ever tighter into the global economy Exporters of goods like timber sugar food etc The Scramble for AfricaTransAtlantic slave trade stamped out by British in 1807 and push for other European countries to do the same Put together a naval squadron that go up and down Atlantic coast of Africa intercepting European slave ships Becomes illegal to own slaves in 1830 except for PortugalNew commodities that Africa has to offer for Europeans Palm oil was a necessary lubricant for the machines being built in Europe Rubber peanuts dyes etc become major attraction
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