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HIST 1707
S Lipsett- Rivera

Remember centuries and dates of the revolutions3 Revolutions that rocked world history American Revolution 17751783 French Revolution 17891791 SaintDomingue Revolution 17911804Scientific RevolutionScientific Revolution making of modern science Roots in medieval scienceDark ages werent an intellectual black hole middle ages was a time of critical engagement but medieval Europeans who studied the world around them did so through the lens of seeing Gods handiwork theologans were scholars of middle agesMedieival scholarship was studied through scholasticismstudied through natural rules given by god Hard to challenge teachings of church Only in the west in the muslim world religion didnt dominate sciencethPeople who challenges churchs authority were dealt with but in 15 century more people challenges the churchPush for practical knowledge like medicine geology etc Universities were under control of church but gradually became independent of church doctrine Scholasticism was challenges mostly in universities European scholars began to get manuscripts from ancient Greeks which had been rescued by Muslim scholarsAfter the fall of the Roman Empire many classical texts were translated and safeguarded by Muslims Knowledge brought back to Europe during the Crusades Muslim libraries became part of the loot from crusades Universities began to be centred on Greek classics mainly Aristotle Ibn Sina Avicenna considered father of fundamental concept of momentum Access to this knowledge sparked intellectual revolution Copernicus Polish man who went to Italy first thought of the sun at the centre of the universe opposite of what Ptolemy thought His model violated canon of Christian church at the time because Catholic beliefs had evolved from the Earth being the centre He refrained from writing down everything he knew because he didnt want to be punished waited until death bedGalileo Galilee was born in Pisa in 1654 but lived most of his life in Florence Tested Aristotles ideas and followed on Copernicuss writings Saw the need to separate nature from religion Called before Roman Inquisition for saying church and science should be separated and was confined to house arrest Some scholars got a lot worse like being burned at the stake
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