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HIST 1707
S Lipsett- Rivera

Decolonization and the Birth of New Nations Mid 70s most of colonial world was liberated Also was the peak of the Cold War Cold War played a role in the process of liberation in these former colonies Decolonization was rushed happened quickly and complex3 main reasons for decolonization1 Colonial subjects wanted independence2 WWII led to a decline in capacity of Europeans to resist3 European powers decided it was in their interests to let former colonies goPolitical desire after WWII really surged to get out from under European thumb Colonial subjects were furious at hypocrisy of European powers after the war West put forward democratic rhetoric the whole time against spread fascism saying they were evil even though the experience of the colonies were horribleMost European economies took a major hit after WWII so they saw their colonies as important as rebuilding their economies Saw colonies are more vital Colonies were invaluable resources Further eroded any respect colonies had for European colonial masters A lot of AfricansAsians who assisted the Allies brought home ideas of democracy to their countries In 1947 India got the Brits to agree to go home in a nonviolent way and regained its independence Others in AsiaAfrica watched this happen and were amazedinspired Mass protests and organizing in a nonviolent way Gandhi was the leader of this process WWII really put the Europeans in an unflattering light for AsianAfrican people Imperial powers looked uncivilized to those who were told they were uncivilized because of the slaughtering in the theatres of war violence and other horrors In many former colonies there was a proletariat to produce foodresources Emergence of major urban populations in colonies to work in cities and away from farms in some kind of industry Led to organizing and resisting colonial rule by workers Ironic outcome of colonial process was literacy Many people were taught to read Emergence of newspapers during WWII Word was spread much easier
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