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HIST 1707
S Lipsett- Rivera

Nationalism in the early 1900sImperial nationalism Why does a strong nation need a strong empireFor economic reasons a large colonial system will deliver raw materials to the colonizing countries manufactured in Europe and sold back to colonial peoples Britain and Germany arguing they need large overseas empires because they need naval bases Cultural reasons must export German culture language values etcAnticolonial nationalism Colonized peoples People argue it is unjust for a foreign power to take control of them Built up against imperial nationalism Builds up in places like Ireland India Philippines Cuba etc Also built up inside of Europe AustrianHungarian Empire had many different ethnic groups in it All the Hungarian groups were calling for movements and rebellion which made the empire unstable Ausgleich of 1867 instituted by Austrian Empire meant compromise Was the moment when the Austrian Empire became the AustrianHungarian Empire Was a dual monarchy with the monarch of Austria and Hungary Hungarian national movements are quashed by the movements but every other one of the ethnicities were not recognized by the compromise and saw it as a slap in the faceColonial nationalism Between imperial nationalism and anticolonial nationalism Operated in Australia South Africa some would argue CanadaUS Nationalist groups argue they deserved independence but they also want to build for themselves their own tiny empires Australia gains independence in 1901 and argues it should be able to take over Southeast Asia areas South Africa argues it should be able to take over southern Africa Also the time Canada starts moving west US moving south Magyarization basically means Hungarianization Instituted in Hungary meant to assimilate people into the language culture etc Alliance System Triple Alliance vs Triple EntenteIn Berlin conference called by Bismarck goal of conference was to ensure peace for Europeans A way to avoid war with other European powers Makes a defensive alliance between Germany AustriaHungary and Italy Means if one of these powers is attacked the other two will join and defend it Secret Alliance with the Ottoman empire as well Forces hand of other European powers to make an alliance known as the Triple Entente with Britain France and Russia as well as a secret alliance with Japan
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