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HIST 2401
James Miller

-1500-1800 words -Same format as last term: a primary source analysis -Some sources on the list can be challenging—make sure you understand the source -Analysis of the document, don’t talk about general historical themes -masculinity/foreign policy (Tarzan) -docs/treaties/exec orders Franklin D. Roosevelt’s State of the Union Address (1941) -according to FDR, what must the United States do to support the Allied war effort and why must they do it? -make room for allies -produce weapons, etc. switch to wartime economy -lead and peace act -gave UK weapons on credit as opposed to cash -sell many weapons off -knew would never get money back. Was giving it to help them out, but not expecting anything in return. Didn’t want public disapproval -keep a lot of materials for own defence -ships/destroyers -in best interest of the States b/c stable world of business -human rights -business will suffer if no semblance of free trade -if this can work, freedom will spread to rest of world -attacks idea of isolationism. Can’t defend against any attack in future -dictators/conquerors (can’t defend itself against spread of dictatorships) -freedom of business/trade + democracy + capitalism + if fight them over there, don’t have to fight them here -this is what allowed them to become a superpower. Didn’t have to rebuild How does FDR connect his New Deal values to those of the nation’s foreign policy interests? -good of the common man -massive production/gov spending=what gets US out of depression -doubled gross domestic product -have more than we need, but to keep jobs and help with foreign policy -sounds like Wilsonianism!! Adding onto Wilsonianism -4 freedoms -freedom from want (gu
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