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Federalist No. 10 1) What, according to Madison, is “faction?” How in his view would a large republic (as opposed to a small “democracy”) help control its effects? Papers were written during the ratification debate about whether states should sign constitution, Madison/Hamilton in favor. Anti-Federalists against it. Brutis (sp. Meaning friend of the people). Madison wrote it under pseudo name. faction=group of people who want to put own interests above common good. Thinks of it as a problem. Large republic (elect reps to rep people. Madison thought was good. Political minded, educated)=dilute small interest groups by having many opinions. Democracy in his sense means rule of majority. Was a dirty word at the time. Mob rule. Uneducated, not worthy of making political decisions Bill of Rights (First ten amendments to the Const.) 2) What issues and experiences do the amendments speak to? What fears or concerns might have led to their ratification (approval) -first 10 all in 1791 -right to bear arms. Protect the liberty of the people th -plea the 5 amendment. Can’t testify against yourself in court. -petition the government: leads to civil war (gag rule?) -basic rights that protect people from the government -prevention of double jeopardy (can’t double try you) -many of these were British common law st -1 to appease the federalists (in the federalist papers sense). -citizen militia, patrioticly defending homeland. Supposed to be the best kind of army for small infactions th -4 because of British seizure of goods -10 legal void created to appease the states. Ambiguous. Dispute over federal bridge buildings, gov responded they were doing this to regulate interstate commerce Excerpts from Jefferson and Hamilton 3) According to Jeffeson, why is a society of citizen-farmers better than on
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