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HIST 2401 Lecture Notes - Only Hope, New-York Tribune, The Atlantic

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HIST 2401
James Miller

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A political war
Antietam – influence elections/diplomatic recognition
Emancipation proclamation
1864 election
A war of societies
Bringing the war home
Sherman’s March
The First Modern War?
-Vicksburg=ex of bringing war home
-Most famous =sherman’s march
-Old fashioned war? Or similar to modern warfare?
-war of societies
-occupation of villiages/land
First Confederate Invasion of the North
Why take the offensive?
Political: increase pressure in an election year
Diplomatic: improve chances of foreign recognition
Psychological: instill fear in northerners by taking the war to them
Military: get Union troops out of VA, put them on the defensive
Supply: allow Shenandoah Valley crops to be harvested
Why take the offensive?
-Just have to survive to win. Outlast the North
-Takes war into northern territory
Lee’s Field Orders found by union troops
Confederate Army to be split
General Thomas Stonewall Jackson (to Harpers Ferry)
General Robert E. Lee (to Sharpsburg)
But General McClellan did not act
September 17, 1862: battle just south of Sharpsburg along the Antietam River
Bloodiest Single Day of the War
over 23,000 casualties
Consequences For Lee
Avoids destruction
But aims mostly unfulfilled
For Lincoln
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