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HIST 2401
James Miller

Who does Roosevelt blame for the depression? What are his solutions to overcome it? -In newspapers/on radio -blames regulators and money changers -more things change, more things stay the same -people with no vision -congress needs to perform sweeping reforms, or he needs to have executive power to stabilize world economy -calls them…exchangers of mankinds goods -makes sure to note that it’s not the fault of the average American -war projects -strict supervision of all credits/investments -price regulations -putting farmers back on their farms -instead of them feeling forced into the cities for work Does he use any language or arguments similar to those we’ve seen in other documents? (Winthrop, Jefferson, Turner) Similar to Jefferson’s stance on farms Hamilton, believed gov had role in the economy Jefferson thought city was producing bad virtues (through commerce/industry) 1931, star spangled banner -patriotism in the depression -True that it was borrowed from an English Drinking Song called “The Anacreontic Song” aka “To Anacreaon in Heaven” was written in 1760’s for the Anacreontic Society in London. By 1814 was a pop drinking song Migrant Mother -can connect more quickly to photographs -entire picture usually has an intent -can’t read them textually -need to look at imagery/symbolism -not always sure we’re reading it th
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