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Lecture No. 1 Introduction The West in American Imagination.docx

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HIST 2401
Julie Johnson

Lecture No 1 Introduction The West in American ImaginationMonday thJanuary 13 2014Westward settlement was the cause of the civil war in some ways It became a big issue in the 1880s and 1890s The Federal Government gave land to the railroad companies The West became an iconic symbol of America The Gilded Age is when America explodes urbanization industrialization and immigration This was the process where America became really rich The history has changed there was a progressive reform movement There were attempt to control some of the social and economic forces America becomes an American imperialist state where it takes over places like Hawaii At the end of World War I it becomes the worlds powerful country and the worlds largest creditor The 1920s is defined as the new era Protestants and reformers do not like big cities There are antiimmigrations statues created by Conservatism to prevent immigration Americas faith in capitalism in the 1930s is at an alltime low The New Deal is Roosevelts policy to bring about economic stabilityAmerica enters World War II late It enters the European and Asian wars in defense of ideological and mobilizes its society in unprecedented ways The Cold War is when the US grapples with the Soviet Union and the challenge of communism In the 1950s and 1960s is a great era for the suburban nation In the 1960s there were two major sources of conflict in Vietnam and the Civil Rights movement Look up Brown v Board of Education The Democratic Party backs the Civil Rights claims while losing support in the south Blue collar whites move closer toward the Republicans In the 1990s America is unchallenged in globalization The strength of American policies are affect
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