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HIST 2401
Julie Johnson

Lecture No 3 Progressivism and WarMonday thJanuary 20 2013Progressivism is a largely urban middle class response to the social chaos unleashed by the rapid industrialization and urbanization led to reevaluation of classical liberal principles that had argued for a small state to maximize private liberty It managed to bypass African Americans in 18961920 After the 1890s America starts to look and act likes a global imperial power There was a growing anxiety among middle class Americans about class conflict urban decay political corruption but also attract to the technological benefits of the new order so how to control capitalisms social effects without destroying it Liberalism rests on our fundamental equality and our personal liberty Liberty has produced so much economic inequality Reform liberalism and Christian Socialism is the counter to LaissezFaire Social Darwinism which argues that humans create their own environments Ward and sociology through cooperation Social Gospel Progressivism opposed the status quo It is a family of ideas that unified progressivism Three Themes of Progressivism1AntiMonopoly concentrations of wealth reduce competition and opportunity democratic regulation of business will restore true capitalism2Social Cohesion the loss of r
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