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Lecture No. 5 The Great Depression and Roosevelt’s New Deal Liberalism.docx

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HIST 2401
Julie Johnson

Lecture No 5 The Great Depression and Roosevelts New Deal Liberalism Monday rdFebruary 3 2014Since the 1900s there had been many attempts to change the legal status of woman The New Woman in the progressive era was focused on the change of womans rights The New Woman in the 1920s was more about trying to acquire behaviour equality with menDorothy Parker was a theatre critique for Vogue and Vanity Fair Harold Ross and Jane Grant part of the Lucy Stone Society was the owner of The New Yorker Sanger was the pioneer of birth control She believed that women could not voluntarily choose motherhood Eugenics became tied up in the fight for birth control Hepburn helped fund Sangers research in birth control Prohibition produced a decline in alcohol related diseases By 1929 a report came out saying that it wasnt working anymoreThe Scopes Monkey Trial was used to showcase the urban differences in the belief in the Bible Nativism was a kind of antiimmigrant to emphasise old America found in National Origins Act 1924 The Ku Klux Klan had been revived huge Protestant group in the 1920shuge membership in Indiana Hoover was developing ideas about American capitalism in the 1920s Presi
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