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Lecture No. 7 The Cold War in America.docx

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Carleton University
HIST 2401
Julie Johnson

Lecture No 7 The Cold War in America Monday February th24 2014From 1940 America is engaged in an Atlantic war with German warships Germans declared war on Americans two days after the attack on Pearl Harbor The Japanese expansion leads them close to the Philippines The expansion was not in Americas interest America decides to cut off Japanese oil supplies as they expand The Americans responded to the Second World War by helping the British Roosevelt drew on the precedent of the First World War He had the administrative legacy of the New Deal Established the War Production Board and it was put in the hands of Donald Nelson Sears Roebuck Roosevelt was willing to raise taxes By 1944 the Depression was done because they were able to borrow money There was massive mobilization of resources by the AmericansAmerican poured enormous amounts of money into the West Coast Result of World War II production being moved Much of the structure of postwar American economics was the golden age economically product of government intervention The Servicemens Readjustment Act 1944GI Bill is one where that those who fought in the war were reimbursedBy 1957 those enrolled in colleges were veteransThere was a guaranteed the veterans an education and zero down mortgages The Baby Boom is considerably funded by the GI Bill The state is beginning to recognize spending money stimulates consumption Shortage of labour in the North lead to many rural AfricanAmericans went through internal migration from the Sout
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