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Lecture No. 10 Vietnam and the Rebellions of the 1960s.docx

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HIST 2401
Julie Johnson

Lecture No 10 Vietnam and the Rebellions of the 1960s Monday March th17 2014The Vietnam War changed the political landscape of America The Civil Rights Act 1964 outlawed discrimination on racial ethnic religious and gendered grounds and banned any unequal applications of voter registration procedureThe VotingRights Act 1965 prohibited states from imposing any voting qualification or prerequisite to voting or standard practice or procedureto deny or abridge the rights of any citizen of the United States to vote on the account of race or color After these acts are passed there is racial conflict in the northern industrial cities with large black underclass which lead to riots from 1965 to 1967 Malcom X stwas assassinated in February 21 1965 by Nation of Islam loyalist ML King was thassassinated on April 4 1968 Black Power is a term that emerged to break the white the strong hold on white psychology failed to address the inequalities found in black culture alienated white power from civil rights The Black Panther party was created by Huey Newton and Bobby Seale William Julius Wilson argued that there needed to be a major restructuring in America to address black poverty The Vietnam War and AmericaThe Vietnam War was a Vietnamese civil war that began in 1964 It violently divided an already divided American civic life it contributed to the realignment of politics away from the old New Deal coalition It provided the lessons taken by some postCold Warriors neoconservatives that the Vietnam syndrome fearing intervention in the world needed
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