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Greg Fisher

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The Roman Empire Major Themes •How did "being Roman" Change • How did historians explain Rome's changes •How did they shape Rome's narrative? •What kind of unity existed in Mediterranean Republic state destroyed ambitious men •Marius/Sulla •Caesar Crassus, Pompey (Co-counsel with Julius Caesar before the end of the Republic) •Antony, Octavian (Augustus) •Cleopatra Octavian became Augustus - revolution to monarchy with façade of Republican Government •Concealed power: auctoritas, gravitas •Message: Moral rebirth, peace, reconciliation •Distract people from truth Reminder: sober verbict Tactius •We now call Rome "Empire", but it had been an Empire for quite some time, been an Empire for quite some time Augustus: First Roman Emperor •Rebuilt Rome •New forum •Ara pacis - message of peace, renewal •Res Gestae- His testament •Relgious renewal - patron deities •Literally efforts- vigils, Horace, Propertius - vitory •Peace, antony as barbarian/eastern despot Augustus as showman (mass media) •Use of family for political purpose •Augustus as administrator •Imperial cult Few more things… •Augustus and the army disaster in Germany •Succession •Art and architecture The army •Major focus for Augustus •Helped oath • Victorious,
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