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HIST 2904
Greg Fisher

Second Jewish Revolution •Jewish policies and BarKochbar war •Cause?new capital - colonial Aelia Capitelina •Hadrian persecuted by the jewish people •Jews were seen as a political threat to Rome •Romans took action viscously when threatened Antenius Pius •He represnted the peak of the pax romanus • He was quite dull as an Emperor. He was from nimes in Gaul, an illustrius family of wealth, later seen as apagee of Roman Empire o Much of Antonius' popularity came from his adopted son Marcus Aurelius. He wrote prasingly of his adopted father as Emperor. Aurelius would try to imitate Antonius' rule • Antonius died in 161 of old age in his estate. By luck or by good ruler, he had a calm rule o Few events • No senators died • Increased cash reserves • Smooth admins • Provinces richer • 148AD: 900th anniversary of Rome o Trouble in Britain from 141-143 AD A new world was constructed above Hadrians, Antonius well. Not much of the wall remains at all today as it was constructed of all wood o Wall was built due to the rising of Brigantes, tribe in Northern England Coins were issused celebrating his victory o Inspired a novel "The Eagle of the 9th" by Rosemary Sutciff • Antonius faced smalled rebellions in Egypt by peasants. Some unrest in Mauretania, Dacia. Nothing too exciting or much concern to the Romans o This led to a question of how would Roman Epire manage serious and sustained and widespread pressure in the frontier provinces. This would be the decline of the Empire •Marcus Aurelius o The basic philosophy of his rule was to submit guidance of conscience. Being emperor is a duty and the Emperor has to carry out this duty. His role is to put order to the whole world, not just Rome. o Aurelius would spend most of his entire reign out on campaigns. He wrote Meditations while on his campaigns • Aurelius was born in Rome on April 121, but his family was Spanish. Hadrian was san influence in his life and adopted by Atonius. At an early age, he was exposed to administrative duty. He had self-control, fortitude and seemed moral perfection which were influenced by his belief in stoicism philosophy  Followed acccelerated curses as quaester in 149, Consul in 140 when only 18, and was close to Antonius by marrying his daughter Faustina. In 147, he was marked out, proconal imperator. Probably the most well prepared Roman emperor • He was lacking in military experience and was quite frail as his job wore him down. The irony of his reign was that he spent
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