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Lecture 2

HIST 3109 Lecture 2: HIST 3109 Lecture 2

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Carleton University
HIST 3109
Rod Philips

Monday, January 16, 2017 HISTORY 3109 Lecture 2: Ancient Societies- Setting the Themes - Alcohol Cultures: - Fermented vs distilled • Fermented (wine, beer): takes place with sugar products, natural sugars(fructose) from the fruits is fermented - fermentation (chemical change) occurs when yeasts consume the sugar and excrete sugar - basically alcohol is yeast shit.. - yeast + sugar = Alcohol or ethanol + CO2 - CO2 is the bubbles in sparkling wine - mead: wine made from fermented honey • Distilled (scotch, rum, tequila, vodka ): always begin as fermented beverages - Scotch is basically beer to begin - to make them take fermented alcohol you then concentrate the alcohol in the fermented beverage - Wine for brandy, you heat up the wine and bringing it to a high temp (not boiling) the alcohol and water, the acc has a lower boiling point, the alcohol starts to boil and then vaporizes, then to catch the steam and cool them down making condensation which liquifies and then you will separate this from the beginning content - basically pulling all the alcohol out of the beginning fermented product - can be distilled many times depending what alcohol content you are making - First evidence of alcohol is in china, (beer, wine, and other things mixed together) - Beer was discovered in many places at around the same time, didn't seem to of begun in one certain place - Wine was travelled but the origin was China and might have travelled to the middle east through trading lines 1 Monday, January 16, 2017 - Beer wasn't carbonated, it was a thick chunky nutritious - carbonation is it being pumped with gas - Channels of sale: Exchange • LCBO, beer store, online, vineyard, make your own etc. - Consumption: Sites, demographics (symposium, convivium) • Whose drinking it in a house, who's drinking more or less We can figure out where people are drinking, public and private drinking places • • Symposium; drinking together. - this is when elite males in Greece would drink together - Policies/Attitudes: Negative/Positive • Positive and negative thoughts on alcohol over the centuries, • right now in ontario it has become very easily accessible to people and would be a po
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