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HIST 3109
Roderick Phillips

HIST3109-Social History of Alcohol Lecture 5: Alcohol & The New World Venice Arsenal Massive shipyard Worked expected to be provided with wine Authorities were providing massive amounts of wine, eventually made fountain of win that workers could fill buckets from Extra rations of wine when ship was finished and launched Workers were considers ‘skilled’  Respected, and expected to get ‘good quality’ wine nd  2 most expensive item in arsenal budget second to timber for ships ▪ Consumption increased steadily over time..maybe because workers brought wine home to families and randoms came into shipyard to help themselves from fountain Expansion of Europe 1500s alcohol would be taken on long distances voyages..would keep better than water When they travelled, Euros tried to maintain lifestyle Most expansion done by men who drank heavily, therefore the indigenous people were introduced to a heavily drinking population Sailors needs  Most ships took supplied of alcohol  1630s Arabella (england ->massetussets) significantly more alcohol than water Found that pretty much everywhere had a fermented drink before Euro contact Spanish Conquest Had pulque in Mexico made from agave sap  Milky drink that only lasts 1-2 days before going bad  Spanish tried to suppress production of it  Concern with mixing pulque with various roots/herbs for hallucinogenic qualities also didn’t want settler pop to mix with native pop  In 1650s started to tax pulque and decided it wasn’t so bad Wanted to produce wine in mexico  Tried but didn’t have the right climate Had major success in Peru 1530s, Chile 1540s and Argentina 1540s-50s  Peru becomes very important wine producer for Americas  Vines mainly for settlers (millions of litres) ▪ Much was distilled later into brandy because there was too much for demand ▪ Peru becomes major Brandy producer Spanish wine producers were angry at s
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