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HIST 3109
Roderick Phillips

HIST3109-Social History of Alcohol Lecture 2: Ancient Alcohol BEER Shelf life was 1-2 weeks Small batches were made often, less expensive to make there are less records of beer then there are of wine because elites drank wine not as clear of a spread from location to location, historians tend to think beer making was happening at around the same time WINE Documentation Egypt has a lot of pictoral evidence of wine making around 3000BC Sumptuary Law: laws that regulate consumption/dress  One the banned commoners from drinking wine, considered a privilege of the elite Thought to be important in medicine as it is a solvent wine always connected with a god in each culture.. shows religious ties it had to culture Commerce Oil, wine and grain were big commodities from Greece Wine in Greece (mainland) became massive trade  Used clay pottery to store wine and transport it, each island had a specific shape/size  Pots weren’t reused so many left around for archologists to find and provide insight from scale of wine trade Greece and Rome became wine drinking societies(all classes drank it)  Symposium: place for elite males (12-24ppl) to drink together in an all night drinking party serving diluted wine, as the goal was not the get drunk ▪ Wine served out of a krater ▪ Kattabos wine game ▪ Some symposiums were more sexual (prostitutes) ▪ Wine served was very high quality and likely higher alcohol content % Quality Greeks learned the process of drying grapes in increase AC%  Limit to A.C levels though because yeasts died in 10-15% AC Lower quality was thinner, paler, less alcohol value, less sweet, cheaper Would add lead to wine and cider to high quality wines to sweeten even though it was toxic Greeks were the first ‘wine snobs’  Looked down on beer drinking societies  Thou
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