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Sept 24_Lecture 3_Alcohol In Medieval Society.docx

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Carleton University
HIST 3109
Roderick Phillips

HIST3109-Social History of Alcohol Lecture 3: Alcohol in Medieval Society (AD500-1500) Alcohol and Religion Wine very important to Christian rituals Islam eventually rejects alcohol Protestants become suspicious (think it is closely related to men’s and women’s sexuality) Christianity  Blood of Christ  Excess drinking not allowed, moderate is okay th  In 19 C America, several denominations formed that rejected alcohol (Mormons, Jehovah’s Witness, etc) ▪ God’s first miracle was turning water to wine. Do they see this as a sin?? No..2 wines theory  When wine is referred in the bible in an negative way, it is fermented wine, when it is positive it is non-fermented grape juice  Wasn’t logical at all, main stream churches rejected  Christian missionaries spread villi culture more densely than Roman’s before them  Penitential: guide book for preists that outlines what penitence one must complete to repent for their sins ▪ Penalties for drunkness th  8 C consume no wine or meat for 3 days, stricker as you go up ladder (ie more if priest is found drunk)  Spain stipulated different conditions: clerics 20 days no wine/wine, vomiting 40 days, vomiting communion ukeris 60 days (commoners were half amount) High Middle Ages-1000AD to 1350AD There was a climate change and Europe got warmer gradually which can be measured by tree rings, ice, crops, etc  Grain and grapes were able to grow more widely Population increase was significant as well until the Black Death in 1350 Revitilization of trade Emergence of urban culture (consumer’s culture), and wine was an importa
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