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Lecture 19

HUMR 1001 Lecture 19: HUMR 1001 A – October 4th

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Human Rights
HUMR 1001

HUMR 1001 A October 4 th Hobbes Emphasizes that protection by the state is crucial to self preservation Stateless people: people who do not have a state to protect them (refugees, migrants, etc.) These people are living in the state of nature Minorities living within a state that are not being recognized by that state rights are not protected Recognition by the state rights are protected Womens rights Right to education Right to vote Right to own property Forced marriage Reproductive rights Sexual slavery Honour killing Sexual abuse Security: fundamental right Desire for safety will always be more important than any other right May be willing to give up a lot in the pursuit of safety and security, may be willing to see their other rights limited Locke (1632-1704) Lived through the same period of time as Hobbes Natural Rights Theory 2 points of importance: 1. Defense of limited or constitutional government wants to put restrictions on the power of the sovereign 2. Theory of property endorses a capitalist economy and a government devoted to enforcing this Locke builds on the same foundation as Hobbes Will, however, arrive at different conclusions than Hobbes; will come to such conclusions by thinking through Hobbes fundamental assumptions
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