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Lecture 6

HUMR 2202 Lecture 6: HUMR 2202 Lecture 6

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Human Rights
HUMR 2202
Dan Irving

Origins of Queer Theory  rooted in Academy, method of analysis  Rinaldo Walcott—politics of right, race, migration, nation  Centres sexuality  Emerged out of concrete struggle outside academia o Through Queer/Gay Liberation Movement  response to more liberal approach to sexual marginalization/ oppression  aligned with Marxist analysis and activism, connect it to capitalism  tried to show binary system of heterosexual/ homosexual as oppressive, show as construction, arbitrary  Fought against medical discourse (homosexuality emerged through medicine--1857)  homosexuality seen as pathological  Criminalization of ‘homosexuality’  sodomy laws, had to be wearing 3 pieces of clothing of gender you’re read as  Stone Wall Riot—led by trans people, crossdressers, people of colour o Doc: Majors  struggle of black trans people in US o All sexuality is a construct which governs us, works with colonialism, capitalism, patriarchy  Emerges within academia as well o small field: “Gay and Lesbian studies” o reproduced binary, naturalized heteronormativity (so have to talk about how heterosexuality governs society) Queer Theory  fluid concept, resists definitions (categorization and definition is what it opposes)  Changes, no meaning lasts over time  Any categorization is governance, power relation (power functions through production of knowledge)  anti-materialist understanding of world  opposes ide
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