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Human Rights
HUMR 2202
Marc Tedder

2-Introduction to MS PowerPoint Layout • While PowerPoint’s built-in slide layouts are good, they’re not exactly what you’re looking for. • But you can get exactly the slide layout that you want without having to repeatedly customize slide after slide. You can also reuse your new layout in other presentations. Layouts and placeholders • Layouts specify the overall arrangement of slide content, while placeholders contain the individual pieces that you can arrange to your liking Layouts and placeholders 1. Title and Subtitle placeholders (boxes with dotted borders) 2. Text placeholder with placeholder selected 3. Content placeholder used for both body text and slide content such as clip art, SmartArt graphics, tables, shapes, pictures, and charts 4. Header and footer (Date, Footer, Slide Number) placeholders Slide Master • Slide Master view is a behind-thescenes view that lets you see and change placeholders and layouts, and make across-the-board changes • To open Slide Master view, on the View tab, in the Presentation Views group, click Slide Master Slide Master • Thumbnails of the layouts • Theme colors, fonts, effects, and background styles Slide Master 1. Slide master thumbnail 2. Layout thumbnails 3. Slide master slide in main slide area • In Slide Master view, placeholders can contain only text, even though this text doesn’t appear in your presentation and doesn’t print • you can customize these texts custom layout • Click Insert Layout. • Newly inserted custom layouts have some placeholders • click the Rename button, type a name you can easily recognize Add placeholders • Now it’s time to build your custom layout • You can insert: – Content placeholder – Picture placeholder – Text placeholder – Table placeholder – Chart placeholder – Movie placeholder … – • Also align the placeholders 10Picture - 1 - • If you want the company logo to appear on your slides that use your layout, you can add it to the custom layout Use your custom layout • Re
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