HUMR 2401 Lecture Notes - Lecture 6: Peer Pressure, Art Therapy, Sexual Slavery

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HUMR 2401
Oct 22
Sexual torture
-much more common with women
-when it is used with men its goal is to denigrate. To treat the man like a woman.
-majoirty of those who commit this torture are men
-creates a physical and psychological pain. Intense humiliation
-Shame is normally felt by the victim and not perpetrators
Explanations for use of rape
-Crime is against the whole family. Especially if there’s a witness
-Women sometimes targeted due to husband’s political activity
-availability of women to rape is seen as a prize to soldiers
-sometimes pregnancy is wanted by perpetrators since it serves as evidence and constant reminder of
the rape
-bodies of the woman belong to the community.
-rape demonstrates victory over another group
-Child conceived by rape can be shuned by the community. Child represents the enemy because many
cultures see the bloodline going through the father.
-sexual slavery of women reinforce the traditional role for women since that’s the only role that is safe.
Explanations from soldiers
-Peer pressure
-too long without sex
-trauma for war
-spiritual voodoo BS
-beneficial for the country since it helps defeat the enemy
-for a good cause
Art Therapy
-using ones creativity to take away the numbness and pain felt from war and political repression
-adults can express their feelings in different ways than using words. Allows for more taboo or
uncomfortable subjects to be addressed
-dance, poetry, painting, animals have all been used.
-Art creates order in the visual form
-allows people to go through their feelings without actually discussing them. Or allows a discussion to
begin by starting it with art.
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