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Carleton University
Journalism and Communication
JOUR 1001
Allan Thompson

Lecture 6thFebruary 13 2014 Journalism Ethics EthicsComes from Greek word ethosYour personal moral code AKA who are youEthos the distinguishing character sentiment moral nature or guiding beliefs of a person Is about who you are as a person not just a journalist Be honest and fair in gatheringWhy do ethics matter to journalistsMoral reasons aim to be decent and honestPractical reasons enhances your credibilityacceptance as a journalist Journalism is unregulated More reason for honest journalists to shoulder the responsibility to act ethically Changes in media landscape demand constant review of ethical standards And the tablet says Use your own judgmentBe able to explain the decisions that you makeWho are youIn journalism as in life many dimensions Ethical considerations at every turn in journalism Nuts and bolts of the job and the broader questionsWould you go through garbage to get a story Documents left behind in a committee room Ex The Turbot War Greek division of the philosophical world Aesthetics study of beauty Epistemology study of knowledge Ethics study of what is good for individual and society Ethical choicesNot just what is right or wrong Nor what is legal or illegal About distinguishing among choices all choices may be morally justifiable but some more so than others The New ethics of journalism Seek truthreport it as fully as possible pursuit accuracy honest and fair give voice
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