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Lecture 1

JOUR 1001 Lecture Notes - Lecture 1: Clickbait, Kijiji, Doctrine

Journalism and Communication
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JOUR 1001
Christopher Dornan

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Journalism and Commerce: the children of Theophraste Renaudot
- Journalism in the west is a business, an enterprise that seeks a market and pursues prot,
which colours the type of journalism we get and the content of that journalism
- Not necessarily a bad thing, it just is a thing
- It’s not that the contents are untruthful, but that the information re#ects what is most popular
and most protable
- Ex. making reality shows about the kardashians vs a reality show about struggling immigrants
- Is it possible to do a di(erent type of journalism that would escape economic imperative?
- Journalism makes money because it 1. Sells a product to a market, and mainly 2. Sells itself as
an advertising platform, assembles readership or viewership to other businesses eager to
address it
- Journalism is a platform that puts commercial messages in front of consumers
- Chronicles contemporary a(airs while simultaneously selling itself to businesses
- Science and religion are both ways of understanding the world, but science is founded in the
systematic exposure of the senses to the world, begins its inquiries with observation, pursuit of
certainty and truth, untainted by prejudice, and in many ways the enterprise of modern
journalism models itself on science
- For science, knowledge is something that is discovered by observation
- During the dark ages, life went on unchanged, but the scientic revolution gave birth to the
idea that we could secure our dominion over nature, the idea of progress and forward change
- Demands community of investigators, demands a means for them to talk to one another
- A map is a scientic text, referential, refers to a physical reality, hope to describe the contours
of the real world with symbols
- Maps important to the rise of the seafaring powers, france, England, etc
- Maps make exploration possible, without a map they wouldn’t be able to nd anything
- Map holds power, literally tells you where to go
- Feedback of map users to mapmaker makes map more accurate, gives it more power
- Scientic knowledge constantly being updated and improved, always subject to revision, will
always be falsied, what we believe to be true today will eventually be overthrown
- Map tells us where to go but also invites its own revision
- Religious doctrine isn’t subject to revision, it’s unchangeable
- Marketplace of ideas, di(erent ideas will compete for supremacy in an intellectual forum, false
and erroneous ideas can be challenged
- Printing press provides this forum for debate and communication, similar to how scientists
developed computers so they could communicate with one another
- Journal des scavans, philosophical transactions of the royal society
- Printing press isn’t just for copying, it is a means of bringing new ideas
- Becomes an engine for reform, for change
- Church dictated how the heavens operated, how he earth came to be, how old It was, etc. but
over the next 300 yrs, religion retreats into matters of spiritual fullment, becomes about
ethical and moral conduct, abandons the attempts to specify structures and workings of the
natural world
- Scientic discoveries allow for new technologies, all of which leads to a new global order and a
new form of economic organization
- Before printing, Europe had been mainly rural, no craftsmanship, no change, ppl lived as their
parents lived, etc.
- From 1500’s onwards, as euro powers expand around world, they exploit resources or engage
in mutually benecial trading
- Introduces new products, develops economy
- New business class demands a voice in the king’s a(airs bc the king in#uences business
- People should be able to in#uence the rules that will a(ect them
- The king’s a(airs become the a(airs of men of commerce
- New type of commerce requires #ow of information, trading with far o( lands, need to know
what’s going on
- Ex rugs from india, if there is a tax on rugs from india, you need to know
- Crucial to be up to date
- Rise of mercantilism requires #ow of information
- Early 1600’s, rst postal routes since roman empire have been set up
- With that, beginnings of movement of public information, news
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