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LAWS 1000
Phillip Steiner

October 17, 2013 Lecture Notes - Canada and First Nations  Millions of aboriginals across Canada originally  Canada's history is broken into 4 stages (limiting) - caveats o Foolish to summarize such complex history into simplistic categories 1. Separation - huge physical separation between aboriginals and new comers 2. Contact/cooperation - several hundred years of peace between aboriginals and new comers a. Many aboriginals taught new settlers b. Mass illness (aboriginals not previously exposed to brought by the settlers) 3. Assimilation and displacement - attempt to bring in a group and get them to take on new culture a. settlers attempt to force aboriginals to change culture and way of life b. Aboriginals and settlers had different views on how the land should be used 4. Last stage -  Many reasonable treaties were signed between the British, French and aboriginals o Were not re-enforced o Government was forced to acknowledge ignoring the treaties for long period of time - must change treaties or start adhering to them Overrepresentation  Of Aboriginals within correctional facilities (ie. jails)  The scale of incarceration for Aboriginals is massive Overrepresentation Cont'd  Bias - predetermined outlook on an individual on a group that is negative o Individual Bias - towards a particular person o Systemic Bias - as a more generalized look- group  Profiling - generalize information that disadvantage certain groups  Structural Inequality and Poverty - aboriginals are substantially more likely to be poverty conditions o Systemic poverty - areas of higher poverty have an increase in police enforcement available (increase in crimes caught) o High levels of alcoholism and drug addictions  Residential School Systems and Corrections System - 'double whamy'  Being in boarding school with physical and sexual abuse - end in prison which is highly similar (circle
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