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LAWS 1000
Betina Kuzmarov

Law Class 11Exam ReviewthDec 14 9am Fieldhouse Rows 115 Enter through changeroom to get to exam 2hours PencilMC 4 options Never uses all of the above No double negatives 75 Qs Qs divided equally over lectures Lec 2last class Followed them through in order 25 of final markUse slides as basis to structure exam review Use slides and integrate readingslecture notes in one set of notes that deals with slides Reduce notes afterwardsConcepts not only factsExercise sleep eat wellThemesDefining law which was difficult to define Idea that we try to combat idea that we dont know what law is by organizing it to categories that seem to be unchanging and fit laws into those categories Taxonomy Classifying legal problems according to particular facts Comes from positivism Positivism gets applied through taxonomy Categories are neutral Types of law legal systems etcWhat is law Sources of law 3 types of legal families in Canadalaw of aboriginals civil law common law How law was receivedimposed in Canada Specific dates in which law was received Legal transplantation Constitution 3 ba
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