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LAWS 1000
Betina Kuzmarov

Law Class 5Answer the following How will the legislation be passed as law Proposed by a cabinet minister in house of commons because they are spending money which the house of commons deals with Goes through ndrdprocess up to 2 reading and debate read and then sent to standing committees3 reading then sent to senateWho might have an interest in the legislation and how might they exercise this interestPrivate member billNot from the govt can be a member of any party who introduces a bill into a house on any issue that they believe is of importance and it is put before the house Instigation and publicizingSomebody somewhere has to think this is an important issue that the government needs to deal with They make it a public issue because if the people start making it a big deal the govt will find it a big deal Parliamentary sovereigntypolitical authority of the state resting with parliament We use parliament as way of responding to society Before constitution act it was thought that the parliament could makeunmake and law and they could limit and judicial law Limit after 1982 was that co
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