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Law Class 4ReviewLegal transplantsreception forcible transfer of one legal system to anotherpoint at which law is formally givenSources of Canadian law a point of origin for law and legal analysisWithin reasonable limits in section 1 of the charter is how ages are decided for certain things like drinking military driving voting etc Constitutionincluding everything considered a constitutional documentheritage regardless whether or not that is written down More than the two constitution acts it is at least 27 different statutes customs and conventions and things that go back to the magna carta1 an established law or customordinance 2athe physical makeup of the individual especially with respect to the health strength and appearance of the body a hearty constitution bthe structure composition physical makeup or nature of something the constitution of society 3 the act of establishing making or setting up 4 the mode in which a state or society is organized especiallythe manner in which sovereign power is distributed 5athe basic principles and laws of a nation state or social group that determine the powers and duties of the government and guarantee certain rights to the people in it ba written instrument embodying the rules of a political or social organization Meriam Webster DictionarySupreme LawSections of the constitution act that says it cant be changed unless 70 of population and 23 710 provincesCustom and conventionCanada should have a government in form similar to that of the UK With this we inherited all laws from the UKJudicial Interpretation of the ConstitutionSince 1982 we have added grounds of discrimination such as sexual orientation and things that werent explicitly listedRule of LawDidnt trust most people wasnt progressive or a democrat Said the rule of law is better than that of any individual Rules are there to prevent arbitrariness because they act as limits on peoples wants and needs Many years for the idea of kingqueen to say they do not have arbitrary power they are controlled by the needs of the people and law
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