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LAWS 1000 B - Sept 5 2014 - Lecture Notes

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LAWS 1000
Steve Tasson

LAWS 1000BProfessor Stephen TassonWeek 1 Course IntroductionSept 5 2014Lecture NotesCharissa FeresTechnical StuffPASS Peer Assisted Study SessionsPASS facilitator Reese WalkerMore info next classCuLearnPower point slides are put up before each lecture OR right at the beginning of oneIts better to listen during the lectures rather than just read the lecture slides onlineEmail the professor whenever he will answer within 1 dayAdditional readings can be found hereTutorialsStart next weekDoublecheck locationConductCell phones offLaptops must be professional use onlyIf you are late come in quietly and do not disturb othersCourse ContentNotesQuestions and Key PointsThe middle class has been frozen out Are immoral laws still effectiveof the justice systemWhy are some things governed by the law and Antiproductive legal systemnot othersWe have an ambiguous relationship with the lawCan law actually bring about social change as Law is not always goodit is portrayed to doWe must engage in critical thinking about the lawSummary The law is not always good we should always think crit
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