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LAWS 1000
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stLawFebruary 1 Last weekTrubekCapitalism and OrderPrivate vs Public HarmsCompensation vs CPunishment2 Kinds of Tort IntentionalNegligenceWho do we owe a duty of care4 issues1 Who benefits from tort2 Does the tort system meet its goals Not reallyShould Torts seek to denounce more If so does it become increasingly hard to separate criminal and private lawShould Tort be eliminated MaybeLinda GibbonsProtestor breaks parole conditionsEmphasizes the fact that violence is the last resortthe face of law Todays focusFamily LawQUESTIONwhat relationships are NOT orderedregulated by law Then and now1960sfamily was nuclearDivorce was rare and Bastard child still meant somethingTodaySingle parent familiesblended families are almost as common 15 as the traditional nuclear familiesDivorce rate is 4 times highercommonlaw relationships much more common Significant changes in lawSame Sex MarriageThe legal recognition that children may have more than two legal parentsPoligamy LAW SPEAKSLaw has always had an interestdefines marriagePower to solemnize marriage is given to provinces S 92IMPORTANT POWERprovince has power to property and civil rightsProvinces essentially have the jurisdiction to deal with matrimony issues
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