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Carleton University
LAWS 1000
Betina Kuzmarov

Slide 3law was essentially contested can not be agreed uponsocial concepts are not easy to dene physical concepts arewhy it is is because law is pluralistic law is more than one thing across different spaces horizontallaw is also hierarchal vertically pluralistic bylaw ontario ottawa etclaw is more than one thing dependent on where you are and timeSlide 5Meaning it is about recognizing legal procedure and knowing where the authoratative structures of law are coming fromlaw is a social creation created internally by the legal actorslaw is about identifying procedures and using an internal system to understand those proceduresin any given system internally you should be be to identify what law is looking at law specically from a certain time and place you should be able to identify the legal structures who create the legal normslegal positivism law can be dened like scientic processes by looking at the social facts of what law is law has to becan only be dened if one takes a look at the inside of lawlaw the constitution limit citizens from actions of the governmentstructures orders that begin from the stateSlide 7public lawfamily lawcivil lawmunicipal lawtort lawcommon law derived from casesadministrative law deligated from the statecriminal lawreligious lawfederal lawcopy right lawprocedural lawcustomary lawcontract lawproperty lawcommercial lawinternational lawAboriginal lawbylawlegislative law
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