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LAWS 1000
Betina Kuzmarov

November 8 2010 LAWS 1000The CourtsNot to enforce order but resolve disputeswhat does the court doCriminal Trials vs Civil TrialsCriminal TrialsWrongs against societyAim Deterrence specic or generalstate to bring sanction with specic aim of deterring you dont do it again or sending message to society saying behaviour is implicitly unacceptable in societyStandard of proof Beyond a reasonable doubt Public trial to deter behaviour but proving that an individual did an act with the mental intent to do that act beyond a reasonable doubt State starts the trial Civil TrialsDisputes between individuals twoAim Compensation for the wrong doneput the person in the same position as they would have been in if the act had not occurred Standard of proof Balance of probabilitiesYou have to be convinced that the person did the act with mental intention beyond reasonable doubtuse balance of probabilitiesmore likely than NOT then what has said to have been occurred occurredAnyone can initiate a civil trial The state is not involved other than ensuring that the dispute becomes resolved The Courts and Juries
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