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LAWS 2105
Pooja Parmar

Class 3LAWS2105CJanuary 21 2014What does it mean to critique the lawA commitment to critiquing the law is by looking at the history of the lawoMany version of the past from various perspectives determining the real history is complexIn human rights and all disciplines this can be done by gathering stories from more than one perspectiveRise of human rights cultureIn the first reading the reason why human rights culture is a universal consciousness today is examinedoArgued that though there are differences in opinions on rights there are some basic principles that almost everyone agrees with Most agree on right to life liberty etc arguments are usually around interpretation practices definitionbut not that they do not existoAnswer author arrives at is the reason there is a culture of human rights is expressive individualism History of human rightsthMagna Charta feudal lords making king sign a document that limited his power 15 thand 16 century writers who laid foundations of human rights Declaration of the Rights of Man and Declaration of IndependenceoThough these were limited in scope only applied to men they were milestones for human rightsFrom the 1940s these rights take a new and dramatic turn oThe United Nations is created in order to maintain peace and security in the worldoAfter UN is setup slow and painful process of setting up Universal Declaration of Human Rights UDHR
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