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Carleton University
LAWS 2105
Pooja Parmar

Class 4LAWS2105CJanuary 28 2014No consensus about what human rights really are what they are supposed to do where we get themAre human rights enforceable in lawoDepends on whereHuman rights are regarded today as a part of international law Though international law deals mostly with relationships between states should human rights be treated as a distinct branch of international law Some think soHuman rights are legal obligations or acknowledgements by a state that it is taking on legal obligations towards individuals and peoples that must be protected by lawMost enforceable human rights are ones in treaties multilateral treaties are the most effective form which are treaties among more than two states oA treaty between two states is a bilateral treatyThere are other sources of human rights though treaties are most prominent sourcesEvolution of human rightsIdeals of human rights have been around for at least few centuriesoReligious texts documents etc that talk about values rules norms precursors or forerunners of human rights norms No doubt that body of modern international law or legally binding instruments emerged thduring the 20 century rights of man charter etcoNot the first documents though treaties UK signed with other countries in early th19 century to abolish slavery primarily bilateral Treaty of Berlin in 1878 or 79 which dealt with minority rights A lot of ideas that came out of worlds attempts to deal with slavery are sometimes used when people try to deal with modern crimes like human trafficking Sources of international human rights lawEach state is an equal sovereign each state has a right to decide its policies what laws it follows etc
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