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LAWS 2105
Pooja Parmar

Class 10LAWS2105CMarch 18 2014Next week is the land to hand in any response notesevent reportsPaper should reflect that care and thought has gone into the paperoWrite as you are reading put down thoughts as you readoReasonable range for word count about 200250 words but this isnt concreteEnvironmental RightsIn some ways enjoyment of all other rights are dependent on environmental rights you cannot live without wateroRange of issues increasingly causing concern like disappearance of ozone and chemical wasteIn a case in New Zealand a river was given rights as a legal personTwo readings for todayFirst reading draws connections between environmental issues and human rightsoWays in which environmental issues affect human rights and vice versa what are the connections between these twooIs there an environmental human rightoIs this is a good idea Should they be considered human rightsoAccelerated pace of globalization will create new challengesWe do not have adequate laws to accommodate issues coming out of accelerated globalization and degraded environmentoNew plan required of how to mitigate climate change but there is no consensus on how to do thisSince things have stalled in international arena perhaps we can look for creative solutions in the local grassroots movementslook at how they shape and reshape lawunderstanding of environmental rightsIdea that international environmental law can be changed from belowSignificant milestones in evolution of environmental rights in international law
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