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Class 8 – LAWS2105C – March 3, 2014.docx

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LAWS 2105
Pooja Parmar

Class 8LAWS2105CMarch 3 2014Human Rights and Economic Globalization3 main topics todayMultinational Corporations MNCs governments and human rightsoHow these three interactoDoes economic globalization lead to an increased respect for human rightsoCorporations are producers of regulationoCorporations are legal persons therefore you can sue a corporationthey can sue you Their primary responsibility is towards their shareholders therefore some of these debates are coming from that realityThese are the people they must answer to if they do not make profitsNot their job to worry about social issuessocial justice issuesMandate is to make profitsGlobalizationConnecting local and global in particular waysoIdea we are moving towards integrated world economysocietyculturallyIncrease in flows of worldwide services capital etcoKey to remember that flow happens in order to implement neoliberal economic policyBut this isnt really newoTradetransport of ideas has been around for a whileoBefore European powers warred to control trade routes there was thriving trade between various parts of the world
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