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LAWS 2105
Pooja Parmar

Class 7LAWS2105CFebruary 25 2014If you have submitted all of your response notes you should have 10 on CULearnoYour responsibility to ensure you have completed them all only 4 more weeks to submit them as well as event reportFor the paper dont create straw man arguments just to destroy engage seriously the opposing view and acknowledge what is good about itoUse specific examplesGender and Human RightsParadox of human rights from last classWhile human rights are a significant enablement these enable individuals to make claims at the same time human rights are also open to misuse and abuseHuman rights are rights that which we cannot not wantoWhat does this meanInherent desire to have these entitlement that we feel are necessary to make human lives completeWe have also seen that human rights are open to significant abuse they can enforce power they are meant to challengeBut we cannot give up on human rights just know the limitationsBecause we need a language to challenge our situations we cannot not want human rightsRatification of CEDAW Jan 2013Convention on Elimination of Discrimination Against WomenResult of longfought battle by activists feminists and human rights scholarsSigned in 1980 entered into force in 1981oFaster than any otherDefines what constitutes discrimination against women and sets up an agenda for ending such discrimination
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